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Broker service

Open company "allen-finans" offers p. to the clients of operation with securities in rts (www.rts ).

Open company "allen-finans" is a member of noncommercial partnership "rts stock exchange" since june, 1998

Trade in rts gives the chance to expose quotations to receive operative market information and to conclude transactions of purchase and sale of securities of the russian emitters in a trunk-call  mode. all calculations are spent on the basis of established by committee on risk to management (rmc) limits.

Open company "allen-finans" gives possibility to conclude transaction repo and to spend operations.



Open company "allen-finans", being the subbroker of share section of the moscow interbank stock exchange (www.micex ), performs operations with corporate securities of the russian emitters. now the moscow interbank stock exchange occupies a leading place among the russian trading platforms on volumes of the auctions with actions.

Open company "allen-finans" gives to clients as traditional service  access to the auctions in the moscow interbank stock exchange through the broker at which the client gives commissions on purchase/sale of securities by phone, and direct access to a mode of real time through internet trade system.

The internet trade system  is a convenient access to the basic segments of a securities market from any computer having internet connection at which broker service is carried out completely in electronic form.

Clients get access to  internet trade system free of charge. in system possibility of opening of any quantity of personal accounts, managements by them from one or several terminals, and also reception of the separate reporting is provided.

                                                          Продажа пгс в новосибирске

To the investors interested in work in the market of tools with the fixed income, the company offers in section of the state securities of the moscow interbank stock exchange operations of purchase-sale state bonds and in section of stock market of the moscow interbank stock exchange corporate, municipal and subfederal bonds.